Non-Executive Directors

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    John McDonough


    John McDonough, CBE, became Director and Chairman of the Company in September 2014. John had previously served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Carillion Plc, the construction and support services firm, from 2000 to 2011.

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    Preston Haskell

    Non-Executive Director

    Preston is the co-owner of Invest Africa, a platform that allows business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to to gain insight into Africa, accelerate their expansion into Africa and find the right strategic operating partners.

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    Erika Wagner

    Non-Executive Director,

    Erika is responsible for executing on private equity investments across select African markets on behalf of a London-based family.

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    Ian McFadyen

    Non-Executive Director

    Ian McFadyen brings specialised experience in Oil and Gas services.

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    Rich Benton

    Non-Executive Director

    Rich Benton is the Co-Founder of Capita Plc and is a specialist in establishing and supporting infant and distressed businesses and returning them to profitability.

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    Gianpaolo Pera

    Senior Advisor

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