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K2 is our construction arm in Zambia. Their build expertise lies around the delivery of steel structures for retail, industrial and mixed-use developments. With offices in Lusaka and a vast array of connections, K2 has an excellent on-ground understanding of how to operate in Lusaka using its network of local relationships.

As a company, K2 has been involved in developing industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential infrastructure in Zambia since 2001. K2 has significant knowledge of the country and how it is structured. The variety of projects they have worked on has given K2 an understanding the environment few companies can match.

K2 combines deep local understanding and international expertise to provide the framework for major projects. They take an integrated and holistic view of every build, ensuring effective delivery across the entire project lifecycle, from planning and supply to construction and beyond. With the tremendous growth we are seeing in Zambia, the days of substandard buildings are coming to an end.

Our Sectors:


Warehousing and manufacturing facilities have been the talk of Zambia’s development community for several years. The current shortage of quality warehousing is apparent. Tenants are starting to demand well-built facilities as it affects not only their own ability to operate, but also their clients’ perception of them.

We understand the sector and have a strong track record for delivering industrial builds, with speed, cost efficiency and to the highest standards of quality. For that reason, we are the chosen provider for the following asset types:

- Retail Warehousing

- Factories & Workshops

- Produce or Asset Storage Facilities

- Industrial Parks


Investment and development in Zambia’s commercial sector remains strong, despite the economic headwinds. Several retail and mixed-use developments have been built in the last five years and many more are planned or under construction.

Serviced offices and apartments, whether part of a mixed-use site or standalone, are also creating significant construction demand. Moreover, Zambia’s tourism industry continues to cater for significant volumes of visitors every year, creating the need for an increasing volume and quality of hotel and accommodation options. We regularly deliver steel structures, associated works and project management for the following builds:

- Retail & Mixed-use Developments

- Offices

- Hotels & Hospitality Facilities

- Apartment Complexes


Agriculture is the traditional backbone of Zambia’s economy, contributing 19.8% to GBP and employing 70% of the population.

Although other sectors, such as industry, services and mining, now play greater roles, the importance of farming endures. The agricultural community is realising the value of quality, engineered buildings in order to streamline their operations, reduce their long-term costs and safeguard their products. We are experienced in delivering high quality agricultural structures and understand what our clients require. We offer a full spectrum of products, including:

- Dairies & Feedlots

- Mill Facilities

- Hay & Grain Storage

- Piggeries, Hatcheries & Livestock Breeding Facilities

"K2 have proven their project delivery capability and are our go-to contractor in Zambia" - Graduare Properties

K2 has also diversified its service lines to include concrete sewerage systems, low-cost housing systems, internal finishing, fit outs and ancillary services to the construction sector. Through procuring its own provision of state of the art operational equipment and tools, along with a highly talented local workforce, K2 ensures that customers who it does business with can be comfortable in the knowledge that this reduces the chances of delayed delivery.

In addition to its expertise as a contractor, K2 offers Sunbird a construction management capability which is invaluable for protecting the interests of Sunbird Asset Finance, the development arm of Sunbird, as it manages its projects.

For further information on how we can assist you, please send an email to info@sunbirdgroup.co or give us a phone call at +44 (0) 207 297 0364. You can also find K2's company brochure and capability statement in the PDF below.

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