Enabling Sustainable Development

We provide comprehensive land services across East Africa. This can include finding a suitable location for your development, overseeing the purchasing process and obtaining planning permission.

We have access to land that’s ideal for sustainable development across this vast region. If you’re considering purchasing acreage across Mozambique, Kenya and Tanzania, our local knowledge will help you make the right decision. Our expertise lies in finding exactly the right location for you. We understand the individual needs of your market - whether it’s agricultural, industrial, residential or office-based - and we’ll locate land with just the right infrastructure and local amenities.

We can also oversee the buying process on your behalf. Our extensive local knowledge makes the purchasing process run smoothly. We have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility – any land we source won’t be environmentally sensitive or impact negatively on the local population. Your business will be able to develop to the extent it needs, with the full support of the local community.

We can also offer subsequent support - such as bespoke turnkey construction services - to oversee the entire development of your enterprise. And, once your building is complete, we can provide a full range of support services to ensure that you get the most from your investment in East Africa.

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    Sunbird Asset Finance

    Sunbird Asset Finance (SAF) provides essential capital for a wide range of property development projects based in East Africa.

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