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From high end commercial developments in Nairobi, to entire self-contained villages in remote areas, our capability is as diverse as the markets we serve. When we work with you to design a development that’s right for your business, we consider a variety of key design concepts: functionality, quality of life, aesthetics and legacy. Naturally, we design your building to be fit for purpose, but we give equal weight to the quality of life of those living and working in it. Our buildings are designed to last, and we create them to be sympathetic to their surroundings and structurally robust.

Our building design services incorporate architecture, interior design, exterior landscaping and amenity planning. Our design expertise spans a range of markets. We work closely with our clients to design buildings that will help shape East Africa as it grows and develops over the coming decades.

We won’t let the rapid development of the region compromise the integrity or architecture of our buildings. We understand the pressing need to provide both residential and commercial property - and we’ll design your development using high quality materials and modern construction techniques. Our team of architects and engineers are familiar with the unique challenges of the region and how they can be overcome through innovative practices. The result is cost-effective solutions that doesn’t lose sight of the details - such as modern amenities, balanced room design and complementary landscaping.

We are committed to designing buildings that enhance the beautiful landscape of East Africa, both aesthetically and economically. We see it as our responsibility to design buildings that will support the long-term growth and prosperity of those who live and work here.

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    Sunbird Construction Services

    Sunbird Construction Services is our design and construction company that specialises in urban and remote builds across Eastern and Southern Africa.

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