Helping unlock the value of land

Our asset finance services can source high potential land that’s perfect for your business’s development and long-term growth. Strong local partnerships and a very positive reputation mean we can secure the locations, at the very best value, for your entry into East Africa.

We’ve a strong heritage in the financial sector and we bring a wealth of development expertise to projects - so we can make sure they give the best return on investment. As well as securing the best land for your needs, we can also help fund long-term projects with our own capital.

We take a vested interest in the region as a whole – not just individual projects. Overseeing the design and construction of building projects, making certain they’re built to the standards required of a 21st century economy - we focus on projects that deliver long-term sustained growth, rather than quick short-term gain. Which also means our projects are always completed in accordance with our high corporate responsibility standards.

We’ve a strong commitment to the projects we manage and invest in - ensuring they have every chance of success. This long-term commitment is promoted by our business process and facilities management capabilities. We don’t just make it possible for buildings to get off the ground. We can subsequently manage the day-to-day running of the asset - maximising its longevity and your return on investment.

East Africa is at an exciting point in its development. There’s a wealth of opportunity for those businesses, large or small, that can see the potential. We can help them realise that promise. Making available the land that’s needed to build the essential property and infrastructure that this vast region needs, to achieve lasting change.

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    Sunbird Asset Finance

    Sunbird Asset Finance (SAF) provides essential capital for a wide range of property development projects based in East Africa.

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