We know the value of great people.

Sunbird Group combines the skills of proven African operators, and hundreds of local staff, with some of the UK’s most successful industry leaders. Bringing extensive on-the-ground knowledge of East Africa and its emerging markets together with developed market enterprise.

All our major stakeholders share a passion for unlocking the potential of the region. We’re constantly expanding our local content networks – developing the scope and the integration of our resources. We’re now a significant employer in the region and we’re perfectly primed to take new businesses forward.

Process outsourcing can range from the smallest cleaning contract to the higher level elements of your operation, such as IT, finance and personnel. By outsourcing you are tapping into existing expertise, enabling you to grow and develop into new areas and expanding markets very quickly, even if you are an established multinational organisation.

Building a Positive Legacy

Legacy matters to us, so CSR is built into everything we do. And no matter whether they’re in a boardroom or on a building site – in London, East Africa, South Africa or Dubai – all our colleagues are empowered to be decision makers. Because we respect their knowledge they, in return, feel ownership of our clients’ success. We believe this translates into more creative thinking – and better outcomes.