Providing a Home From Home

If you’re bringing your business to East Africa - either for a short visit or a permanent relocation - our residential services can provide what you need. Our capabilities range from sourcing the best hotels in the region, to the design and construction of complete residential complexes for entire workforces.

Whether your business is still researching the opportunity within East Africa, or you need short-term accommodation to support an established enterprise, or due to a short-term project - we can find the best temporary accommodation for your needs. From a single night stay in one of the region’s excellent hotels to a few weeks or months in a catered and serviced apartment block.

If you need a more permanent solution for your workforce - whether imported or locally recruited - we can help you find what you’re looking for, from hotels of all classes to serviced apartments, through to remote access villages. And if what you need doesn’t exist, we can build you a bespoke residential complex that’s ideally located and designed for the well being of its inhabitants.

We can design and build camps that provide a high quality, comfortable living environment for your employees. We’ll build to the exact specifications for your business, but typically this will include: furnished and powered accommodation, catering facilities, recreational facilities, water storage, sewerage treatment, protective fencing, laundry and waste management. We have solutions for a wide variety of markets, including camps to support mining and drilling operations.

We’re experts in the construction and management of residential facilities in difficult to access or remote areas - sometimes hundreds of miles from the nearest town. And we makes sure the building and running of all our living quarters is in strict accordance with our own health and safety and corporate social responsibility standards.

When you need to make East Africa your home - either for a week or for several years to come - we can get you settled in.

Our Residential Services are provided by our on-the-ground registered companies